Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Couch Surfing on a Snow Day #SOL17

Driggs, Idaho hosts Snowscapes each year.
This is a snowscape from a previous festival.
Here in our little postage stamp corner of the country we've had an unprecedented number of snow days. THREE! 

Unlike the cautious South, snowfall in our area rarely results in significant changes in folks' schedules. We're not quite as tough as North Dakotans, but we know how to drive on snow, know how to run a snow blower, and know how to adapt to seasonal changes by keeping supplies on hand.

Our district officials know that a snow day has another name: SKI DAY. Students dismissed from school head for the slopes at Pebble Creek, a ski area known for its steep vertical slope and rocky runs. 

This year is different. 

We have had three "snow" days in a row. Calling these days "snow" days is somewhat deceptive since it's not snow that closed school. Sub-zero temperatures and sheets of ice on mountain roads take the blame for our school closures. 

I celebrated a little when I got the text last Wednesday night informing me of school's cancellation on Thursday. We'd had 6"-8" of snowfall during the day, and my husband and I decided to destress at a local watering hole when the news arrived. I used Thursday as a day to read, to work on my NCTE17 proposal, and to clean toilets. I did a happy dance! 

By Monday, after rising at 5:00 a.m. and heading to the gym for my morning workout, I was ready to head back to school. I had managed to grade outlines for Comm 1101 students Sunday, had finished the proposal sans a couple of tweaks and uploading it, had vegetated enough. 

I felt a case of cabin fever coming on. 

Monday I couch surfed. 

From my cozy couch...

  • I began reading the fourth Harry Potter book but soon nodded off. 
  • I watched a funny video of the Georgia Tech swim team traversing the snow in their Speedos. 

  • I answered a text from a student who wanted me to evaluate a college essay, which I did.
  • I trolled PEOTUS and Kellyanne Conway on Twitter. I was curious about how he'd respond to Meryl Strep's Golden Globe Award speech (BTW: as predicted).
  • I participated in a group text reminder of Leadership Team meeting Tuesday morning in which my colleagues celebrated another day of no school. Imagine the image below as an animation.

  • I read FB posts about water issues in friend's homes, posts from colleagues who had gone to school before the cancellation announcement, and comments on my district's page from angry parents who claimed to need more notice before sending their teens out to drive on icy roads.
  • I napped some more.
  • I dressed Snug, one of my dogs, in his new coat and posted a collage of him modeling on FB. 
  • I thought about grading papers and making lesson plans, but decided not to strain myself. 
  • I snacked. A girl needs nourishment when couch surfing. It's a strenuous sport. 
  • I made soup. 
In short, I wasted a lot of time on my third snow day. I'll regret that Tuesday morning as a scurry to get things done at school. Since December 16, we have only been in school two days. That will hurt the rest of the week. 

I'm not very productive on snow days. I'm exhausted from my day of surfing on the couch. I think I'll go to sleep now.