Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why am I Spending Saturday Editing a Newsletter? #SOL17 Day 11 #DKG

March marks the month-long Slice of Life Story Challenge.Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers team 
for sponsoring this month's challenge and for promoting the writing life.

Have you ever noticed that when a writing task is involved in an organization or activity and an English teacher happens to be a member or participant, others in the organization naturally think the English teacher is the ideal candidate to take on the secretarial duties?

That's how almost two years ago I found myself agreeing to edit the Alph Nus, Idaho's newsletter for the state affiliate of Delta Kappa Gamma International Society of Women Educators. The previous editor had been in the position for a long time, so I reluctantly agreed to take on the editing duties.

Editing the newsletter means I take articles and photos from state chapters and compile them into a newsletter four times a calendar year.

I am never ahead and always barely meeting the deadline.

For this third installment I'm behind. I should have finished the newsletter in February.

Things got off to a rocky start with the first issue in September 2015. My first newsletter received harsh criticism from the members, most of whom are retired teachers. I am not retired, and to face the editing each quarter takes a herculean amount of energy on my part. I have not recovered from that initial response, although my DKG sisters have been kind and gracious ever since that first failure.

Did I mention I had to teach myself to compile and edit the newsletter?

First, I had to decide on a platform, so I purchased a program in the Apple app store. Publisher Plus had a slight learning curve, and I still don't know all the features. The program automatically saves, and I've played with formatting and layout. I wrote for my high school newspaper, and learned rules of layout that I apply to the newsletter layout. That knowledge has helped immensely as I think about "trapped white space" and columns and font styles while I work on the layout.

My husband hates the newsletter. He also still remembers that first foray into this task.

I have one more issue after I complete the one I'm currently working on. Then my two-yer term will end. A few days ago I received an email from the state president inquiring as to whether or not I'm throwing my hat into consideration for another term as newsletter editor. I'm thinking "no." But I have not yet submitted my resignation. Should I wish to retain my job as editor, I'll have to reapply and submit letters of recommendation. Seriously!

A view of my desktop as I work on the current
issue of Alpha Nus

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