Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Put the Toilet Seat Down--A Rant #SOL17 Day 7

After the 2015 restroom remodel of my wing in our building, the faculty facilities became co-ed. The reason for this is fairly obvious to the female faculty: There are more women than men, so to keep a line from forming, we share two single restrooms.  

Most of the time, this arrangement works out fairly well; however, not all the men practice good toilet seat etiquette. Not all the men put the seat down after tinkling. That's a problem. 

Simply, it may be true that "everybody poops," but it's also true that common curtesy necessitates the lowering of the seat, much as one would expect to have a drawbridge lowered before crossing a moat. 

For women, an upraised seat creates a hazardous crossing. We are confronted with equally objectionable options: leave the seat up and risk a splash or touch the seat to lower it. The first option is no option. The second one is gross, which is why we girls use our foot to push the seat down or first get a paper towel in hand and use it as a hazmat barrier between our hand and the offending seat. 

Monday was made more of a Monday when I entered one of the restrooms after an inconsiderate, etiquette challenged male colleague exited the facility and left the seat in its raised position. Nasty. 

This particular colleague, whom I'm tempted to name  but won't, is a repeat offender of the leaving the toilet seat raised offense. He's old and single. I can say this because I'm older and because I have addressed this problem with him in the past in the form of a meme. 

Since I'm not one to patiently await a middle-aged man's toilet seat etiquette learning curve, I sent an email to the offender after Monday's incident, reminding him that it's courteous to lower the seat after doing one's business, and I ccd the email to our principal. 

It may be true that 
but if you're a female dealing with an upraised lid, you have to contend with a lot more crap than that! 


  1. Perhaps this is just a silent form of protest from men who have had their bathroom taken away! haha

  2. Did you send the meme only to him? Courageous! Gutsy! Wow! You should print the meme and hang it in the bathroom - it is funny and every bathroom needs a little art.

    1. Haha! Yes, I sent the meme last year only to the offender. Some of my colleagues have seen this post and commented on it on FB. I suspect the "subject" has also heard about my rant as I think there may be a conspiracy to never again lower the lid!

    2. Too funny. It seems to be a nationwide problem. I think it's why we still have a men's and women's bathroom. It's not that we can't use the other one, it's that we won't :)

    3. Our men's room smells funny.--and not in a "bathrooms always smell funny" way. More of a "just how old is this plumbing and are we sure it still works?" way. We prefer to use the nurse's when, inevitably, the bathroom line is long.

  3. Solution: Use hand to lower the seat. Do your thing. Wash your hands.