Saturday, March 4, 2017

Basal POTUS: See Donny Read #SOL17 Day 4

See Donny.
See Donny read.
See Donny look at the teleprompter.
Watch Donny read the words on the teleprompter.

See the GOP
Watch the GOP clap and stand
When Donny reads the words on the teleprompter.

Read, Donny, read!

Only read the words on the teleprompter!

Oh, NO!
Donny added some words.
No, Donny, no!

Talking Heads
See the talking heads.
The talking heads say, "WOW!
Donny can read the words on the teleprompter.
How presidential!"

The Base
See Donny's base.
Donny says, "It's time to unite for the good of our country."
The base says, "Donny is everybody's president. Unite!"
"Listen! Donny says, 
"Only I will make America great again."

The Resistance
See the Resistance.
"Run," say the resistors!
"Run from Donny's environmental destruction!"
"Run from Donny's 'bad hombre' racist policies!
"Run from Donny's Putin bromance!"
"Run from Donny's climate change denial."

See the resistance run and march!
See the resistance protest!
The resistance will keep America great!

Note: As I listened to POTUS's speech Tuesday evening, I knew President Trump was reading. The words from his mouth contradicted his every utterance during the campaign, contradicted his actions as president. I found myself appalled by the reaction to the speech, both by political commentators and the Republicans in Congress and his supporters, many of whom praised it and its deliverer as "presidential."  

The use of Ryan Owen's widow as a prop justifying a failed mission resulting in the death of a Navy seal, the loss of civilian life, and the destruction of an expensive aircraft for no justifiable reason troubles me. 

I've long viewed Donald Trump as an affront to civility and decency, and his reductive, simplistic thinking--in large part resulting from his disdain for books--fits with the sight word redundancy of the white-washed Dick and Jane books from the early to mid-twentieth Century. 

The ability to read words another has written on a teleprompter and expect the public to embrace those words as though the past is not prologue belies a special kind of tone deafness. 

March marks the month-long Slice of Life Story Challenge.Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers team for sponsoringthis month's challenge and for promoting the writing life. 


  1. Oh, Glenda!

    I didn't watch the speech. Could.NOT.Waste.The.Time.
    This was so perfect! And oh yes, "a special kind of tone deafness"!

  2. I watched most of it and agree. I love the "See Donny Read". Perfection

  3. I truly enjoy and respect your perspective here. I love the lines "Oh, NO! Donny added some words.No, Donny, no!" Love that you use "the white-washed Dick and Jane books' as your muse. I couldn't stomach watching him give his speech this past week. But what strikes me is, he has lowered our expectations so so so much that we are ECSTATIC when he simply reads the teleprompter. Very depressing.

  4. Applause. This is hilarious, but also not, like so many things these days.

  5. So true! I love this! (But agree with Wendy, hilarious, but not...because of all the obvious reasons [dismantling of democracy, etc.]).

  6. What Wendy said...I wish it was 2008 again!