Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Marching in My Corner of Idaho #WomensMarch #SOL17

With over four million like-minded folks, I participated in the Women's March on Washington. I marched locally with 1,200 participants.

Snow and rain parted right before the march. To support our message, two of my colleagues purchased t-shirts, which arrived Friday, just in time for our Saturday morning adventure.

The logo on our t-shirts read:

Nasty Woman
noun: A strong, confident woman who gets sh*t done.

We think the shirts worked well for three English teachers.

I made a short Animoto video to commemorate the occasion and to tell the story of our marching together.

After the march, we gathered in the student union building at Idaho State University and picked up information about how we can continue the momentum and be agents for change in our community.

Then we headed to Goodies, a locally owned watering hole, for pizza. We nourished our souls and bodies.

Women's March on Washington in Pocatello, Idaho Video from glenda funk on Vimeo.

*Edited: 7:55 a.m. MST to embed video (discovered problem this morning) and to add logo. No text changes made.

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  1. This worldwide event was so moving. Your march looked similar to our march in Maine. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed your video!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Each one of us added up to a cry that no one could ignore. This is the beginning. Now, as the reader boards read in D.C., we must March on.

  3. I love your video, as I have loved pictures from so many places. What a wonderful day. Happy that it went so well. Now for the next time. . .

  4. Oh, I love that video! Saturday was the first step, we must stay engaged and active all the days between marches.