Tuesday, May 3, 2016

PROM DATE: Creative Ways Students Pop the Question #SOL16

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Among high school students, prom serves as a rite of passage. Finding a date to prom once involved a simple phone call or a note posing the question: "Want to go to prom with me." 

Those days of a simple question followed by a simple answer passed long ago. Over the years I've seen elaborate ways students ask one another to prom. 

This year my AP Lit and Comp students have made finding a prom date a major point of discussion during lunch. I admit to interjecting my opinion into the prom date who will go with whom discussion these past two weeks. 

Today, however, I witnessed my favorite prom date solicitation, and it's a simple one compared to the moms visiting my classroom and helping their teens find dates. The fellow popping the question did get a little help from a student in the class. 

Here's the set-up, which faced the door as students entered so that the recipient could see it first thing: 

The letters, of course, spell out PROM. The first note reads: "You read about it in books. A girl with good looks." The second page reads: "You're a sight to see. Wanna go to prom with me." Signed "Danny." 

This literary nod makes my heart happy, especially since the books are among some fantastic ones, two by Isabelle Allende, one a book of poetry. Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior is there, too. I didn't have a chance to see the other two. 
Taylor, the recipient of this prom proposal.
No matter how this prom story ends, another story awaits us between the covers of a good book.