Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recruit: How Should I Recruit Students for a Trip to Europe? #AtoZChallenge Letter R

During April I'm participating in the A to Z blogging challenge.
Each day, sans Sunday, offers an opportunity to write about a
letter of the alphabet with the goal of writing 26 posts.
April is also National Poetry Month.
Next spring, I will embark on a trip to Europe and will travel with students, parents, grandparents, and some friends, including former students. 

I'm just getting started with recruitment, and although I'm excited about this new venture, recruiting makes me uncomfortable. I know many students will want to travel to Europe. I hear their excitement when I wear my Barcelona shoes to school, when they see my bobblehead Pope, when I speak about the trip to Europe (London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona) last year. 

However, I also know that a desire to experience new countries, cultures, and adventures puts some parents in a precarious position. Simply, they may not have the funds to send their children to far away, exotic locals. And talking to them about money makes me uncomfortable. 

Still, to make the trip a success, I must recruit. So recruit I will. 

By now you may be wandering where I'll galavant off to next spring. Here's a link to the tour. We'll visit the following countries:

  • Milan (Italy)
  • France (French Riviera, Niece)
  • Monaco 
  • Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)
We'll add as many offered excursions as possible. Looking at images of Cinque Terre, one of our stops, I'll soon be counting the days until departure. 
Cinque Terre wiki image

  • As Homer's Ulysses, we will explore. We will be travelers, not tourists, driven by our untamed spirits and desire to know the world. 
  • Ulysses by Umberto Saba (1883-1957)
  • (Nella mia giovinezza ho navigato) 
  • In the days of my youth I sailed
    the Dalmatian coast. Tiny islands
    emerged on the face of the sea,
    weed-covered, slippery, sun-bright as emeralds,
    where sometimes a bird perched intent on prey.
    When high tide and night annulled them, sails
    downwind dispersed more widely,
    or fled from danger. Today my kingdom
    is precisely that no man’s land.
    The harbour scatters its light for others;
    an untamed spirit drives me onward,
    and a sorrowful love of life.


    1. What an opportunity for your students, Glenda. I think this is amazing what you are doing as it is no mean feat organising something like this!! Of course you would like all of your students to be able to afford it. Are there any charitable funds you can tap into to give subsidies to your poorest families? Maybe even the airlines themselves may be able to offer reductions? It's always surprised me to find out how generous even other parents can be to support those less fortunate than themselves and some of my students have done fund raising ventures (such as washing cars) to help. Wish you had England on your European destinations - maybe in a future visit???

    2. Since there is lead time to earn money, maybe you can enlist some people to help organize that part for the students. There are the traditional car washes and bake sales, but here's another idea. People would submit work that they want done such as yard work, house chores, parent's helper, etc. And the student who wants to raise money for the trip could do one of those jobs. Wages would be established ahead of time, so there was equal pay for everyone.

      The details could be worked out, but basically it's a job bank for the students so they could earn money for the trip.