Thursday, March 17, 2016

Houdini Dogs #SOL16 Day 18

As though attempting to thwart a break-in to our home, Puck and Snug burst through the doggie door as I raised the garage door when I arrived home from RPM class this morning at 6:30 a.m.

We were already on a tight schedule for our drive to the Salt Lake City airport where we would catch our flight to Honolulu. The last thing I needed to deal with were my puppy loves attempting a breakout. 

I opened the car door and yelled, "Puck and Snug, treat time." Sensing my lie, they headed toward their search for adventures.

Ken peeked around the corner as I entered the house. "The dogs ran off."

"Great, I'll go find the little Houdinis." He grabbed his keys and headed for the garage. "Which way did they go?"

I pointed toward Whitaker Road as I headed for the stairs. 

My brother stood in the kitchen sipping coffee from a giant mug. 

"You could help hunt for the dogs," I hinted with a less than subtle tone. 

"I was thinking about that." 

Fifteen minutes later I heard the screeching garage door and saw two white heads running my way. Puck carried a ball which he dropped at my feet. Snug sniffed my leg for lotion and turned his nose up as he trotted away. 

I finished packing, and Ken and I petted and hugged and kissed our "children" as we promised to return home soon. 

Puck licked the tear that streamed down my cheek as I hugged him one last time, a bittersweet moment on our way to paradise. 

Puck sits in his bed as we say our farewells. 

Snug keeps watch from his bedroom window. He'll be sitting in the window when we arrive home.


  1. The pics are great. The writing is great. But the title -- Houdini Dogs -- is awesome. Have a nice trip.

    1. Thanks, Kevin. I "lost" the first version of this post, which I wrote on the way to the airport, and had to hurriedly rewrite it.

  2. Your title alone provided such great imagery - and the pictures topped it off! Here's hoping they manage to have some fun in your absence. Know it is hard! Happy Hawaii vacation!!!

    1. My husband always refers to the dogs as "little Houdinis" when they run off. They don't do it often, but I suspect they had a little punishment in mind for us. They'll keep my brother busy, but he's trained them pretty well. Conversely, the dogs have me trained.

  3. Aw, I love Puck and Snug. Rascals! They will be so glad to see you.