Saturday, March 12, 2016

Five Question Challenge: Puck and Snug Say, "Game On!" #SOL16 Day 12

March marks the ninth annual Slice of Life
Story Challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.
*Today, Puck and Snug, my two pound puppies, are guest bloggers

Puck: Normally mom writes this blog, but she's packing for Hawaii, so we're here to help. 

Puck & Snug: A couple of days ago Chloe, who helps Deb out at the Coffee with Chloe blog laid down a challenge to answer questions in the Five Question Challenge, which Deb says she heard about from Michelle at One Grateful Teacher, and which mom says Dana did over at HuffEnglish

Snug: Mom's not very good at these things, so we decided to raise our paws and volunteer to write today's post. 

1. What has been your biggest struggle this school year?

Puck & Snug: We got pretty used to lots of walks last summer. Mom would take us after heading to the gym. Uncle Greg, mom's brother who lives in the basement because he can't live alone, would take us on a walk during the day; and dad would take us at night. Then mom had to go back to school, and Uncle Greg got a job. Now we have to wait for someone to come home and take us walking.  

Puck: After mom broke her toe at NCTE, she has really had a hard time getting up at 5:00 a.m. and going to the gym.

Snug: That night class mom teaches for ISU on Tuesday night means I don't get my teeth brushed until 10:00 p.m., and that's way past my bedtime. 

2. Share two accomplishments you are proud of this school year: 

Puck & Snug: OMG! The biggest thing she accomplished was that consulting gig. She had to do so much curriculum writing. She ended up with close to 300 pages of material for that AP Lang and Comp app! 

Snug: My campaign against the squirrels continues to be successful. Can I count the squirrel we delivered to mom last summer when she was working with that kid. She was surprised, shocked, and mortified when I dumped it on the floor. 
Mom made a pic collage! She' really proud. 
3. What are three things you would like to accomplish before the end of the school year?

Puck & Snug: That's a toughie because it's pretty close to the end of the school year. Mom gets out in May, and we can't wait. One thing she wants to do is finish this blogging challenge without missing a day, and she wants to have her AP Lit and Comp students prepared for the test; they're all taking it, and mom's a little worried because this is her first time teaching the class. 

Puck: I really want to train mom to fetch the ball from under the couch the way I get dad to. I like seeing mom and dad crawling around on the floor. Playing Hide and Seek with my toys is my second favorite game. Playing Fetch is my favorite. 

Snug: I'll continue working to keep the squirrels, dogs, cats, birds, deliverymen, and neighbors organized. It's tough and I get weary of sitting in the window barking all the time, but it's my job, and I'm tenacious.

4. Give four reasons you remain in education despite today's rough culture:

Puck & Snug: Well, mom is pretty close to retirement, so she might as well stick it out. She likes the kids and likes working with the young teachers. You know, she has several colleagues she taught. There's Melissa in the library; Camille, who also teaches English; Katie, who teaches special education. Mom says she really likes Robin, the new debate coach and also enjoys having her colleagues' kids in her classes. 

Snug: Mom likes books. Sometimes I think she likes books better than she likes me, but that's silly. Getting to teach the AP Lit and Comp kids means she's had to read some new books, and that keeps her on her toes. 

Puck: "Im ready to play ball!"
Puck: Dad says he can't see mom not working. He should talk. He's 68 and still working. I wish he'd stay home and play ball with me and take me for runs. 

Puck & Snug: Mom says as long as she's not burned out and as long as she has fun and challenges teaching, she'll stay. That means she'll stay until she reaches the Rule of 90. 

5. Which five people do you hope will take this challenge by answering these five questions? 

Puck:  Mom told dad that since this challenge has been around for a while, she might be the last one doing it. That's okay. 
Snug: 'Can't a fellow get some peace around here.
I'm trying to take a nap!

Snug: I'd like to see some squirrels try it. I think they've all gone nuts and won't have much to say. Maybe Just Cat can try. I doubt Ace, that silly beagle who doesn't know which house is his knows what a blog is, so mom may be right. 

Puck:  This was a lot of work. Let's play ball and have a treat!

Snug: This was a lot of work. Let's have a treat and take a nap. 


  1. Cute! I love their answers. Love Puck and Snug!

    1. Thanks! I thought this would be a quick post to write, but it took some time! Aw, Snug is in the window barking at the air!

  2. What a very creative way to respond to one of those challenges. Obviously, you have some very intuitive puppies. And adorable, too!

    1. I can't take credit for the creativity as Deb over on Coffee with Chloe (her dog) had the idea of channeling her inner puppy love.