Thursday, March 31, 2016

Closed Doors; Opening Doors #SOL16 Day 31/31

*A big thank you to Stacey, Dana, Anna, Betsy, Beth, Kathleen, and Tara
for running the SOL blogging challenge over at Two Writing Teachers. 
Tuesday evening I walked into my garage.

I punched the button to open the garage door. 


No groaning door or motor.

No light peeking under the widening sliver 
exposing the outside as the door raised. 


I pressed the button again. 

The same nothingness. 

The door did not budge. 

It clung to the concrete floor, 
refusing to move like a spoiled toddler 

attached to a door knob 
from which its mother vainly pried its hands. 

Had my husband not been home 

to hoist the door open via its pulley mechanism, 

I would have been stuck

unable to drive to the university 

unable to teach my night class.

That night I parked in the driveway and entered the house. 

A new garage door opener still in the box 

leaned against the wall. 

This weekend Ken will install it, 

but for now the door remains closed; 

my car sits in the driveway.

And so it goes. 

One door closes

another door beckons to be opened. 

*On March 1, 2016 I opened the door to the Slice of Life blogging challenge. I've kept that door open 31 days straight. Tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST the door will close.

Tomorrow, April 1, 2016 another blogging door will open. I have signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge, which runs during the month of April. My goal is to write 26 posts for that challenge, one for each day of the month except Sundays, the day of rest. If I succeed, I will have written 57 posts in two months. That's as many as I sometimes manage in a year. 

I have been all-in for the #SOL16 challenge. I have devoted considerable time and thought to each post. I have followed the "two down, one up" commenting directive and have commented on more than the suggested three each day, and because the team at Two Writing Teachers generously and graciously gives so much, I donated a prize that I will soon send out to the winner. 

To those who have visited my blog, thank you. I hope you found your time here well spent and hope you'll come again. If I did not reciprocate in commenting, it's because I could not find you, so if you visit again, please leave a link. 

Do feel free to check my blogging progress during April. 

Doors opening, closing on us by Marge Piercy, 1936

Maybe there is more of the magical 
in the idea of a door than in the door
itself. It's always a matter of going
through into something else. But 

while some doors lead to cathedrals
arching up overhead like stormy skies
and some to sumptuous auditoriums
and some to caves of nuclear monsters

most just yield a bathroom or a closet.
Still, the image of a door is liminal, 
passing from one place into another
one state to the other, boundaries

and promises and threats. Inside 
to outside, light into dark, dark into 
light, cold into warm, known into 
strange, safe into terror, wind

into stillness, silence into noise 
or music. We slice our life into 
segments by rituals, each a door 
to a presumed new phase. We see

ourselves progressing from room
to room perhaps dragging our toys
along until the last door opens
and we pass at last into was. 


  1. WOW- another challenge already! You are brave! Ioved this image:
    It clung to the concrete floor,

    refusing to move like a spoiled toddler

    and the poem you included. Go you, you can do the 57!

    1. Oh, I'm not brave. I did A to Z two years ago, and I have lots of topics in the wings. And I've been on a writing roll this year.

  2. I think the A to Z challenge sounds great. I'm going to add it to my list to try, too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Excellent! I'll look for you among the couple of thousand A to Z participants!

  3. I love this piece, especially the imagery of the door. Just as I was about to pat myself on the back for making it through March, you threw out the idea of another challenge...

  4. Good luck with your new challenge.

  5. Good luck with your new challenge.

  6. Nice post to end on! I love the poem you added by Margaret Pierce. Good luck on the next challenge!

  7. I'm doing the A-Z challenge too--I actually signed up for it before this one, and pre-wrote a few slices. I'm really glad I did that now, so I can take a few days' break from writing and just focus on commenting I love the poem, and your story is a great way to introduce your thoughts on all this.

  8. Marge Piercy is doing a reading here in Worcester next week! Lucky you to have Ken to fix the garage door, too! Thanks for commenting on my posts. I am not doing the A-Z Challenge, but I wish you well. I know you will rock it. I have enjoyed doing this challenge with you.

    1. I'm glad you did the SOL w/ me. If not for you, I would have had days w/ no comments, and that's really disheartening. I can always count on you to have my back. And thanks for pushing my writing. Yes, Ken is my tinkerer! He can fix anything.

  9. This poem is quite nice. The idea of a door is very limiting and we want to rebel against boundaries. However, doors keep others out and keep us safe in our finite, known world. Doors can lead to places great and dangerous, but the courage to reach out and open one can take a lifetime to achieve.