Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Pleasant Walk, A Pleasant Talk #SOL16 Day 20

I had an idea today.

I had an idea that we--my husband and I--should walk from our hotel to Diamondhead. 

I had an idea that we should walk from our hotel, the Hilton Hawaiian Village, to Diamondhead via the beach walkway.

I had no idea that the walkway did not stretch the entire length of the beach from our hotel to Diamondhead. 

Having searched Dr. Google and other internet sites, I still wanted to give it a go. So we did. 

We began walking, and as we began walking, we continued talking. 

I had an idea that we would walk, and we would talk. Often our conversations changed course based on our observations along our walk. 

Early in our journey we chatted with a family with daughters. One little girl told us today was her sister's turn to choose what to do. I told her I think girls should always be in charge. Dad responded, "I'm learning in a family of women that's always the case." I suggested he read "Why We Should  All Be Feminists" and listen to Justin Trudeau talk about feminism. I have an idea this father will do just fine. 

Soon, the sidewalk ended. 

I had an idea that we continue walking along the beach and see if the sidewalk reappears. 

My shoes filled with sand and waves washed over them, making them even more difficult to walk in.

I had an idea that I should remove my shoes and carry them. I bent over and took off my shoes, but when I commenced washing them in the ocean, my iPhone 6 fell out of my bag. 

I had NO idea that would happen. I scooped up the phone and pleaded, "Help me." 

Ken had an idea to quickly dry the phone, and I removed the Otter Box and checked the phone's reception only to see the message " This device may not be compatible with this phone and may not work properly." 

Apple had an idea to improve its phones, and even though I had an idea that my phone would die, it did not. Thus, I am able to write this post. 

I had an idea that we should continue our journey to Diamondhead despite the phone mishap. Along our journey, we met a woman selling catamaran rides. "Would you like a catamaran ride today?" She asked. 

"We're walking to Diamondhead."

"In this heat? It's forty minutes to the base, and then the hike is like a donkey walk. You'd be better off going at sunrise." 

I had an idea she might be right, but we decided to journey on and see where the road took us. 

After a little while longer, we left the beach and walked along the parkway that traverses Waikiki Beach, which has a huge public park. 

I bought a hat at an ABC store, and Ken argued with a street-corner evangelist. 

Soon we arrived at the Honolulu Aacquarium. I had an idea that we go in. 

"We might as well since we're here," said Ken. We talked about the fish we observed. Ken said, "People don't have a clue how important the ocean is to our survival." Of course, he's right. 

On our return trip we stopped for shave ice and watched an intercollegiate beach volleyball tournament. Who knew Nebraska has a beach volleyball team? 

I mentioned that since beach volleyball is free to watch, the sport seems expensive to run. We talked about this and the cost of athletic programs. 

Along the journey to our hotel, we shopped in some fun stores and decided we like a doggie t-shirt store best and that our favorite shirt is one with the caption "It's all fun and games until someone has to wear a cone."

We continued walking through the shopping district, and Ken had an idea that we should return to the beach, so we did. 

Eventually, we reached our hotel and saw a sign for Happy Hour. We both had an idea that Happy Hour was a perfect way to end a pleasant walk, a perfect way to continue our pleasant talk. 


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed more than just a walk. The beautiful journey and company of the one you love is described vividly in your post.

  2. I have an idea that you had a great idea for writing! Loved this! Sounds as if you are having a spectacular time in Hawaii. Love the t-shirt slogan!!!

  3. The best moments are never what we expect them to be--what a great adventure!!

  4. Oh, this sounds like a perfect day. I am glad your phone is okay! I know you must be having a great time.

  5. I am jealous of anyone who is walking along the beach in Hawaii. It sounds like a gorgeous walk.

  6. I love the idea of walking on a beach and then getting to go to happy hour. Sounds wonderful.