Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: A Group Discussion Activity Zombies Style! #SOL16

We're one week away from the Zombie Apocalypse, a.k.a. the #SOL16 Story Challenge. Are you ready to survive the onslaught? 
Okay, I know the NINTH ANNUAL SLICE OF LIFE STORY CHALLENGE isn't the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, but surviving the end of the trimester and gearing up for the blogging challenge and editing a state-wide newsletter for DKG has raised my stress level to "HIGH ZOMBIE ALERT." 

To help my speech students learn about group problem solving, I created an activity around a resource I found on the internet. 

The ZOMBIE SQUAD Presents HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BUG-OUT BAG offered the ideal resource. Link here. 

First, I printed and copied the document. My student aide folded the pamphlet. 
Next, I arranged students in groups.
Third, I instructed students to read the pamphlet together before proceeding. 

Next, I gave students the following instructions:

You are preparing to survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! You have a list of FIRST AID supplies, but you may be unable to carry all these supplies. Which ones will you take? Rank in order of importance the list with 1 being the most important item on the list. You must all agree on the ranking. 

You also have a list of OTHER RECOMMENDED TOOLS AND SUPPLIES. Rank these items in order of importance, too, with 1 being the most important item on the list. 

Once the groups were finished, I asked each group to share their findings with the class. I made sure that each group had the opportunity to share at least one list, but we did not have enough time for each group to share both lists. Since the supply list is long, I adjusted the number of items each group shared to keep students attentive. 

At the end of the period, I asked each group member to rate themselves and the others in the group based on the work and contribution to the group. I gave them the following instructions: 

Now that you have finished ranking the lists, how well did you function as a problem-solving group? Rate yourself and each of the others in your group based on each member's ability to SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Your rating system is called a Likert Scale. 

I put the Likert scale on the board and collected the results as an EXIT TICKET. 

Knowing we all survived the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE gives me hope for surviving this year's SLICE OF LIFE STORY CHALLENGE. You too can join the blogging race by visiting TWO WRITING TEACHERS and completing the PARTICIPATION form by clicking here. Don't delay, as with a zombie attack, time is of the essence and you don't want to become a casualty of missed opportunities! 

*Thanks, Stacey and the team at TWO WRITING TEACHERS for all you do for all of us through the #SOL16 and regular blog posts that support so many teachers in our work. 'Preciate you!  

Zombie Hamlet, a poster hanging in my room! 


  1. I'm sure many of your students just loved this. Zombies are a hot topic!

  2. Oh my goodness. This is far too much fun! What a great idea!