Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Am Writing #SOL15

I am writing.
I have written.
I will write.
Twenty pages yesterday.
Twenty-six and a half pages today.
7,202 words yesterday.
9,775 words today.

I have been procrastinating.
Putting off until yesterday
what I should have been doing for months.
Avoiding the inevitable
That's why 

I sit here writing.
I sit on the couch
Laptop on folded legs
Fingers on keys

I will write some more
Maybe more 
Maybe fewer 

I have no time for 
Writer's block.
I have a written contract 
For words
Words I thought would satisfy
And fill a longing for 
Something unwritten
Something unspoken

These words I'm writing 
Don't nourish
My hunger for words.
Not all words are good words.
Not all words need to be written.
Some simply fill a utilitarian purpose.

These cacophonous words 
Demand a place on a white page.
And so I write
And so I will continue to write
Until the last keystroke 
Marks the final white space.

Today's output. 

*By way of explanation: I have a contract job w/ a startup. I'm developing content for an app. I have had a hard time fulfilling my obligation to the company, but I'm not past my deadline. I am close, but I have a long way to go, although I'm more than half-way done. I'll say more about this experience when I finish the work. For no, this is all I have the energy to write.


  1. I like how you broke it down and created a quick pace in the writing. I felt like I was part of your word-counting experience. Keep it up!

  2. cacophonous words
    crowd my mind,
    writing not yet written
    and maybe never,
    but still ... something
    to be said
    and no amount of word counting
    can capture the story

    PS -- a little line lifting from your poem to make something new.

    1. I love your poem, Kevin, and am thrilled you found inspiration in my post.