Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Square Things Filled with Stuff: A Slice of Life Challenge #SOL15

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This summer the wing of my building, will undergo some much needed renovations. While the major work will happen in other rooms, in the restrooms, and on the hall ceiling, my room will also see action. 

The past couple of weeks I've been consumed with packing up my room because I and my colleagues have been promised "a dusty mess" that will coat anything we leave out. As English teachers, packing is no small undertaking. 

Our NHS advisors have enlisted the assistance of students who need service hours to pack the book room. One student told me he thought this would be an easy afternoon. That was a couple of weeks ago. 

I have two student aides helping me, but as the teacher in my department with the longest tenure in my room, and as the only one with a classroom library, I have a bigger job. 

In the past, even without this major packing task, chairs and other items often get relocated to other rooms. To avoid that problem this year, I suggested that we color-code our labels, much as luggage tags get color-coded based on deck occupancy when one takes a cruise. I had a student aide make the labels and distribute them to my colleagues. 

Below are some of my boxes. 

I'm also attempting to move the boxes to the back of the room: 

Over fifty years ago when the building was new, there was a courtyard with rose bushes outside my room. The roses have not been present since I began at HHS in the fall of 1989, but the space still exists. There is a window in my room that looks out onto the old courtyard. It will be walled in this summer in an attempt to address a mold problem. That has necessitated emptying the wardrobe next to the window and packing the stuff in it, too. 
We also have a sprinkler system with lines that will be replaced this summer, but the biggest improvement will be in the restroom facilities, which have not had a major renovation since the school opened. Faculty and student restroom facilities will get gutted and completely redone. Additionally, both the boys' and girls' restrooms will get an additional stall. 
While I'm thrilled my wing is getting a much-needed face-lift, I can think of many activities I prefer to putting stuff in square things, and I'm not looking forward to unpacking boxes in August!


  1. I feel your pain. I moved from a school when they began a renovation. A box fills up SO fast when you are packing books. Now, as my house is also undergoing a big renovation, I live in a rental with my household goods all boxed up around me. But it is that hope of the new that keeps us going. It will be worth it, I keep reminding myself!! Enjoy the summer and then get those helpers back in August to help you unpack!!

  2. Our bond just failed in early May. Seeing this makes me hope it passes after I retire.