Friday, March 27, 2015

#SOL15, Day27: Beautiful People and Places

We're close to the end of the SOL Story Challenge and my European adventure. Today is day 27 of 31 and 9 of 13.

We spent the day shopping in Barcelona and touring the city. 

My shopping adventure included impeccable customer service from a sales associate who literally sprinted to find a pair of shoes for me. Our communication was hindered only a little by my broken Spanish but not so much that I couldn't get a selfie. Regrettably, I forgot to ask her name.

On our afternoon bus tour, we visited two "unfinished masterpieces, the Cathedral de Familia and a park (can't recall the name but will tag it later). We also learned about Barcelona hosting the '82 Olympics and more about Antonio Gaudie, the famous modernist architect.

We also ate our way through the market I wrote about yesterday and said goodbye to our friends from Indiana, a group of students, teacher, and parent who joined us for most of the tour.
Pictured here are Jess, Katie, and Darla:

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  1. I am truly fascinated by the architecture of Barcelona! I never knew it was so unique. You look so energized and happy!!! After this many days chaperoning, who would believe that? Keep enjoying!!