Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#SOL15, Day 31: Selfie Slices, Selfie Sticks, and Seeing Ourselves

Today theonth of blogging in the SOL Story Challenge ends. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting this amazing program. I'll be back each Tuesday with more slices. 

Though I'm disappointed that I missed two days of blogging, I realize that my 13 days of travel posed a couple of significant tech challenges beyond my control. 

Throughout our trip, street venders everywhere tempted tourists and travelers with the product du jour: the Selfie Stick. Although I did not purchase one, I did have fun taking selfies w/ my travel companions, particularly my colleague Pam, who is responsible for organizing our adventure, w/ Melissa, my former student who was also my roommate, and w/ some of my current and former students. 

Some of my favorite selfie slices: 

Melissa and me outside Buckingham Palace w/ two of the Queen's guards posing w/ us: 
W/ Melissa in the London Eye: 

At Stonehenge: 
W/ Abbey in Paris: 

W/ Suzanne, who was a foreign exchange student iny class last year. Suzanne is from France and met up w/ us in Paris. 
W/ Pam in Vatigan City: 

Our guide Paula at the Vatigan. She is hilarious!
W/ Maddie at the Forum:
W/ Erin at the Vatigan:
Okay, this isn't a selfie, but I loved getting to know Kirk and Melba, grandparents of one of the students: 

Getting photo bombed w/ Madfie on the Spanish Steps in Rome: 
The last selfie of the trip. Melissa and me on the plane in Rome awaiting takeoff: 

Although seeing and visiting historical places took me on my travels, seeing these places through the eyes of students, friends, and colleagues heightened the experience and memories. 


  1. Well, it sucks that you missed two days, but I think those photos and experiences are worth it. Looks like you had an amazing trip!

  2. Looks like a great trip and I am itching for a selfie stick :) I can relate to internet issues during the month of March and sweating to get in before the deadline. Great that you have so much to feel good about in this month.
    Digital Bonnie

  3. Sometimes things are out of our control. I think your experience was worth it. You now have lifetime memories.

  4. Great selfies! I don't have a selfie stick either... but I have long arms. :) (WW Erin)

  5. I enjoyed your visual slice! It was wonderful to see the places you visited and the people you were with. Sounds like a lovely trip!

  6. I enjoyed your visual slice! It was wonderful to see the places you visited and the people you were with. Sounds like a lovely trip!

  7. There is certainly a place for selfies in our world...you just proved it. I had fun reading this slice.

  8. Oh, these are wonderful! Looks like an amazing trip! Next time, you'll have to bring one of these: http://hotshotdeals.com/media/extendware/ewminify/media/template/70/d/Selfie_Stick_1.jpg :)

  9. I think it is extraordinary that you sliced while chaperoning a student trip abroad - I mean, wow!! I have really enjoyed your writing and I look forward to reading more on Tuesdays to come. Great selfies! You are so, so happy! Congrats on SOLSC!!!!