Monday, March 30, 2015

#SOL15, Day 29: When in Rome...

We had a huge day this Palm Sunday in Rome and Vatigan City. We were in Vatigan City for the Pope's blessing, but as the world knows, a threat preventer him from appearing. I'm not Catholic but do understand the reference and pittance of seeing the Holy See to Catholics. I'd hoped to experience this moment w/ my former student Erin. She was heartbroken and I was, too, because I her sadness made me sad.

Still, we had a wonderful time touring the Sistine Chapel, the Colessium, and the Forum. We also walked down the Spanish steps and saw the under renovation Trevie Fountaim, as well as other sites. 

Once again, some photos; however, photos are not allowed inside the Sidtine Chapel, so...

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  1. Finally, you are visiting a place I have been and loved…how incredibly special to visit Rome during the Easter season. Beautiful pictures! Look at the crowds at the Vatican - wow!