Saturday, March 28, 2015

#SOL15, Day 28: Why Nancy Atwell Says She Won't Recomnend Teaching as aCareer Choice

For more than a week I've focused my SOL posts in my travels. In addition to continuing the travelogue, today I'm interested in a comment Nancy Atwell, winner of the new Milkin teaching award and its million dollar prize, made.

Atwell says she wouldn't recommend teaching as a career to young people, that the CCSS and emphasis on standardized testing as turned teaching into a robotic scripted exercise antithetical to good reading and writing instruction. 

I understand Atwell's  comment. On the one hand, teachers want excellent young peoe to enter the profession. On the other hand, the art and craft if teaching has been hijacked by test prep and the so-called accountability movement. Why would we wish that on our best and brightest. 

More about that later. 

For now, we've arrived in Rome, Italy. Yesterday we went to the beach in Barcelona and learned more about the market as part of a cooking class. The kids now know how to make Risotto. The main ingredient is love and a feel for the fool.


  1. What a wonderful trip, and photos make me hungry. Is that paella in the last one? Did you make that too? But what you write about teaching is so depressing. I have a friend who got a master's in education about 10 years ago so she could teach high school after years of college teaching as an adjunct. But she gave up on it, and this was before the days of Common Core and relentless testing.

  2. The cooking class looks extraordinary! What a gift to bring home to their families - the ability to make a delicious risotto. Yum!

    Education is in a real 'catch 22' - we need the best and the brightest, and there is very little about many public educational settings that attracts the best and the brightest...we must wrestle with this!!!

  3. I love teaching. I love learning too, but I wrestle with the same concerns when former students talk to me about becoming teachers. More in that later though like you said, Glenda.

    What are those big white globes? Are they some huge ostrich egg? The pictures are beautiful. Love the boat on the horizon too.