Thursday, March 26, 2015

#SOl15, Day 26: Hola Barcelona

As my European journey to four European countries and England continued, today we ventured through Southern France by high-speed train to Barcelona, Spain.

Along route, we saw a glimpse of the Pyrenees, rolling countryside, vinyards ready to bloom, and the seedy underbelly of Europe, a reminder that the Euro is at a near all-time low as Spain continues to suffer from the global financial crisis. 

Our ever-informative guide reminded us that not so long ago Spain was under the rule of a dictator, General Franco and that the Catalonia region of Spain still seeks its independence. 

Barcelona is a beautiful city with streets lined with Neolithic architecture, open-air markets, and flower stands. 

A view of the city from our hotel: 

Legend says anyone who drinks from this fountain will return to Barcelona. 
Above: Stain glass designed by the famous architect Gaudie, at the entrance to a large market. 

Scene in the market:

Streets of Batcelona:

The Gaudie House: 

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia:

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  1. Love the Gaudie House - such different architecture! What a trip you are having. Amazing.