Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#SOL15, Day 24: They Say You Want a Revolution--In Politics and Art

For me the SOL challenge continues on day 24 from France.

Joining us on a city tour of Paris, Valerie repeatedly emphasized iconic moments in France's history and the over through of the monarchy by talking about the French constitution, the storming of the Bastille, and the power of common folks in a democratic government. 

We visited Fragard Perfume factory and learned how the French revolutionized the fragrance industry. 

In the Artist district, a different revolution took place as Paris gave birth to French Impressionism. Artist still work there today.

Our day ended w/ a trip up the Eifel Tower and a boat cruise along the Seine. Both the tower and the iconic bridges down the Seine remind us that revolutions in architecture also have a lasting impact on our lives.

Just for fun, the macaroon pictured here exploded in a revolution of flavor when I devoured it.


  1. 😊 it is interesting to look at a community in the context of history, I have always enjoyed looking at art in this way. . .

  2. Wow! Look at that perfectly powdered rasberry on top-- like your trip, bursting with color and flavor. I love seeing the photos. Joy on your face and artists working. Thank you for sharing Paris, Glenda

  3. I love traveling to places I already loved from studying them. So cool to see Paris from your history eyes.
    Digital Bonnie

  4. I don't know what I loved more - the Eiffel Tower in lights or that yummy macaroon! Fabulous!