Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#SOL15 Day 18: "Live Heavy. Travel Light"

This month I'm participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. Today is Day 18!

This past weekend I posted a picture of my carry-on bag in it's partially packed state for my trip to the UK and Europe. I included this caption: 

Packing for my 13 day excursion to London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome. I'm not checking any bags, this is my carry-in w/ 11 outfits and a jacket in it. I'll have a small personal bag that attaches to this one, and it has everything else I'll need, including a book.

The picture precipitated many warm wished for an exciting trip as well as travel tips. As I read comments, the often cited baggage metaphor took new shapes in my mind. 

A high school friend with whom I recently reconnected on FB offered this: 

One carryon is the only way to travel. As one takes trains/taxis in Europe from the airport and beyond, the flexibility creates luscious independence!

Indeed! How often to we sacrifice our independence by allowing professional and personal baggage to drag us down? 

My favorite comment came from a former student: LIVE HEAVY. TRAVEL LIGHT!

I love the sentiment and the wisdom Rylie shared with me. It's her Carpe Diem worldview! 

As I head for the airport, I'm leaving behind the big bags. I have 14 outfits in that carryon, three pairs of shoes, and an additional personal item (a small bag that attaches to the carryon), which means I'll have a free hand to grab hold of whatever I need to that will make my trip exciting. 

"She's a roller," observed my friend Chris. 

Yes I am. I'm learning daily how to roll for packing and how to roll with life. I'm living heavy and traveling light. I'm leaning toward "luscious independence"!


  1. I LOVE this! She's a roller...don't we all want to be rollers? Have a great trip!

  2. I LOVE this! She's a roller...don't we all want to be rollers? Have a great trip!

  3. Good for you! Want to come pack for me? Packing is the bane of my existence. Now that I have to pack for me and my daughter when we go away my problem is worse than ever!

  4. I love the phrase - she is a roller. Great - have a good time!

  5. Great motto!! I need to learn to live by this more! I can't leave for a weekend without 5 or 6 outfits and back ups of everything! I'm a "just in case" packer.

  6. I think this needs to be my motto too! I don't usually have a problem packing a carry-on only on my way to my destination. My problem (can I call it this if I am still happy about it?) is that I pick up fun stuff along the way! It is especially hard because I live and work in Venezuela where I can't find many products and feel like I HAVE to pick them up. Otherwise, I totally agree with this mantra.

    -Amanda at

  7. 14 outfits in a carryon! Wow! I need you to show me how. What a great packer you are!!! Here's to a fabulous trip - I hope you have so much fun in your travels!!!