Friday, March 6, 2015

Snippets of Slices #SOL15, Day 6

During March I'm participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge sponsored by the wonderful ladies from Two Writing Teachers blog. Today is 6/31. Thanks for stopping by for a slice.

Sometimes choosing which slice to share is too hard!!! In the spirit of not wanting to choose, I'm sharing two snippets of slices from one day: 

Snippet #1

This afternoon we bid farewell to the basketball team as they travel to Boise for the state tournament as the #1 seed. Three of the players are in my first period, so I'm sending winning vibes to Dylan, Jawan, and Maverick.
Dylan headed for the bus during the sendoff. 
Two of these boys were in a wreck this morning, but thankfully only the cars sustained damage. Jawan is a real hero; he swerved to avoid hitting a child who had run into the road.

Jawan headed for the bus during the sendoff. 
Seeing Jawan's mom, who is also a teacher in our district, and having her thank me for "teaching outside the box" topped my afternoon. When Jawan graduates this spring, Yolanda and I will celebrate together; I've already decided I want her friendship in my life.

Jawan didn't forget to take a book for the road trip. He's reading The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. 

Snippet #2

A highlight of spring is the annual Teacher Appreciation Award banquet that has become a tradition of the Ninth Pocatello Stake from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Ann, who used to live down the street from me but who still lives in my neighborhood and whose beautiful daughter I taught last year, delivered the invitation. It is the coolest invitation I've ever seen.

Invitation for the Teacher Appreciation
I love the quote on the invitation: "LET US REMEMBER: ONE BOOK, ONE PEN, ONE CHILD, AND ONE TEACHER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD." --Malala Yousafzai

This particular recognition means so much because graduating seniors choose a teacher to honor, and they may choose any teacher from their thirteen years of school. Also, the recognition is totally independent of the school district and simply reflects a desire to honor and recognize the teachers students identify as having had a positive impact on their lives. Do they know how much more value they give my life? 


  1. This post is so special- First a tribute to some amazing young people and Second- their tribute right back to you. I know the joy of seeing their success is the real reward and any recognition for you is icing on the cake- and it is some great icing. Congratulations!

  2. What an honor to be recognized for all you do. I had never read that quote before. I am now putting it on my inspiration board.

  3. I love this post. Just goes to show that when we invest in creating relationships with the kids in our classes, it pays off in multitudes of ways. Thank you for sharing BOTH snippets!

  4. I particularly love the first snippet which shows your connection to your students and their families.

  5. How wonderful. I love the seeming juxtaposition of the two slices, but really the second wouldn't have happened without the first. Congratulations!

  6. I certainly see why you chose to put in both snippets - they are lovely in and of themselves, and truly beautiful coupled together. So glad that the car accident did no physical harm - and how awesome that your student drove so defensively, avoiding a young child. What an important presence you have been in these students lives! Love the library card in the invite.

  7. There are days I craft lists as slices since I have a little bit to say about many things. Serving up snippets. That's what you did here. And it was a great idea! Thanks for sharing these with us, Glenda.

  8. I liked how you served up snippets --- and so interesting how they connected to form a bigger idea. Relationships with students. Delightful. Good luck to your basketball team!

  9. I liked how you served up snippets --- and so interesting how they connected to form a bigger idea. Relationships with students. Delightful. Good luck to your basketball team!