Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nesting Syndrome

Last Thursday I arrived home to find a robin's nest in the wreath on my front door: 

The mud in the nest was still wet, and it wasn't until the next day that the robin finished building her family's new home.

Once my husband and I realized that the nest belongs to a robin, we contemplated how to protect both it and the bird and still give ourselves access to the front door. We decided the best course of action would be to move the nest to the light fixture next to the door. My husband did this Saturday morning. 

We didn't see the robin all day Saturday and thought she had abandoned the nest, so Sunday morning Ken moved the wreath back to the front door. 

When we returned home from our Sunday errands, I walked up the steps and a robin flew out of the nest where she had laid her first egg! 
After another chat about our home's new resident and the inconvenience we'd face from not being able to access the front entrance while we played host to our robin, we opted for the following: 

I suggested that Ken post a sign: BIRD HABITAT or AVIARY SANCTUARY.

Since the robin has adopted our wreath--and by extension our door--I've looked forward to discovering what I'd find in the nest each day upon my return home from school. Yesterday, I discovered another egg!

Today, the robin was in the nest with an additional egg. She flew out when she noticed me snooping. I noticed that one of the eggs has a crack in it. Already the baby bird is getting ready to greet the world! 

The past nine months I've nested in my classroom at Highland High School. Each day I greet a new flock of students. Their gestation and weaning ended today. The seniors flew away to new destinations last week but will return to the fold one last time as we celebrate their graduation this Thursday at Holt Arena on the ISU campus. 

Birds, both robins and the metaphorical ones made me think about poetry. 

E.E. Cummings poem "Silence" seems particularly relevant to these two occasions:




ing;edge of

(inquiry before snow


  1. How wonderful and I love your idea of taping off the area. Obviously, a bird making a nest on my front door would never happen due to my clowder of cats (actually I think I'd probably use the collective noun attributed to wild cats "a destruction"!!)

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