Thursday, April 17, 2014

O: Opportunities #AtoZChallenge

Each summer SYNC: Sync YA Literature into Your Earphones offers two free audiobooks a week. Let me say that again: The books are free! 

Beginning May 15, 2014 those aware of and willing to seize the opportunity can download two free books onto their personal devices or laptops or desktop computers and listen to them at their leisure. One book each week is a YA selection, and one is a classic, theoretically paired because they have something in common, such as a theme. 

Don't miss this opportunity for two free audio books. I'm excited to read Code Name Verity and revisit one of my favorite books from my teen years, The Hiding Place

SYNC's program is a great way for a family to take the opportunity to read together. My husband, granddaughter, and I enjoyed SYNC's offerings last summer on a road trip. Audio books are a wonderful way to share time and conversation. 

On our way home from spring break in Las Vegas, I read the first half of Oliver Twist, which I downloaded last summer from SYNC but had not yet read. The timing of both my reading and the books offering couldn't be better as Dickens has rarely been more relevant than he is now. 

Oliver's story is both a cautionary tale of the dangers of greed and our social responsibility to children, especially the poor children whom opportunists seek to exploit. It's also a story of hope, given its happy ending. 

Oliver has few opportunities in life. His story makes me think about my students and those who take the opportunities afforded them and those who squander them. 

It's in that spirit I share SYNC's free audio book opportunity. Each book pairing is available to download for one week, so don't miss your chance. 

Don't do what Mark Twain claims to have done: "I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one." 

Carpe diem---beginning May 15!


  1. Love the Mark Twain comment. Most of us look back at opportunities that we have missed out, rather than identifying one that presents itself to us, don't we?

    1. Twain's a favorite of mine. Check out the SYNC books; it's a wonderful program.