Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NCTE 2012: Dream, Connect, Ignite in Session I.27

Studio Room 6, Grand Arena, Main Floor by Grand Arena, MGM Grand
Saturday, 11-17, 1:15-2:30 p.m.

This session will provide participants unique teaching ideas for promoting close reading of texts through speaking, for teaching argument through refutation and discussion, and for overcoming the zone of silence that challenges both teachers and students in igniting dynamic classroom conversations.

Overview of our parts:
For my portion of the panel, I'll share three teaching ideas for inspiring student discussions, including student handouts. Additionally, I have created an iMovie showing my students engaged in these discussion formats. The discussion techniques encourage a dialogic classroom and breaking the zone of silence that inhibit student discussion. 
Ami will share teaching strategies for promoting effective small group discussion, particularly in large classes. She'll have an interactive component to her program, too, and will have a lesson plan for a class "Tea Party" and a Post-It note activity. 
Cherylann is a PhD candidate and will talk about significant research for using Socratic Seminar in middle school classes. She will give attendees research that validates discussion techniques such as Chart Chat that teachers use.
My colleague Debbie will share insight into creating a dialogic classroom and the ways words shape our worlds. She will have an interactive activity from the satire unit we included in our teaching of The Canterbury Tales. Additionally, she'll give attendees a set of questions and comments designed to elicit discussion and development of ideas in student writing. 
We hope to see / meet you in our session if you're attending NCTE. I've linked to the lessons I'll be sharing, but Ami, Debbie, and Cherylann will each have a plethora of additional resources. 

Weird Sisters in Macbeth whose beards make Macbeth question their gender.