Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why Cite Twitter?

The Modern Language Associate has updated its Works Cited formatting of electronic sources to include citation formatting for tweets.

@Danamhuff tweeted about MLA's new addition to its Works Cited formatting:

Lots of folks excited to see MLA has guidelines for citing tweets, but can anyone think of a reason you might need to?  

You might find these responses to Dana's musings about ways students might use Twitter in their class research interesting: 


  1. Glenda -- I think it's interesting that the terms Tweet and Twitter are essentially brand names. The generic term would probably be something like "microblog post."

    Can you think of any other corporate entity that has its own MLA format?


  2. @Gary: No, and I think you make an excellent point. I'm wandering how a post on another microblogging site, such as Today's Meet, would be cited. Would one use the format for a tweet? Are we seeing generic branding evolving whereby a tweet is no longer specific to twitter but representative of all such posts, similar to the way a kleenex is a tissue or to xerox is to photocopy?