Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NCTE 2011: G.41: Teaching the Hero's Journey: Understanding Our Past, Creating Our Future

If you are attending the NCTE Annual Convention in Chicago, I hope you'll include the panel on which I am participating in your schedule. Here is the data from the convention program:

Session: G.41 - 9:30 am to 10:45 am 11/19/2011Format: Panel
Room: Chicago Hilton/Continental Ballroom, Salon B, Lobby LevelTopic: Literature
Level(s): Middle (6-8), Secondary (9-12)
What transpires when teachers and students read and write through Joseph Campbell’s hero archetype? This session will examine designing a course based on the hero journey, creating a Ning collaboration among students in an urban and a rural school, and offering students YAL based on the hero archetype. 
Presenter: Glenda Funk, Highland High School, Pocatello, Idaho , 'Class Lines: Writing Beyond Borders'
Dana Huff, The Weber School, Atlanta, Georgia
Ami Szerencse, Schurr High School, Montebello, California , 'Class Lines: Writing Beyond Borders'

For our part of the presentation, Ami and I will share many resources from our Ning collaboration. Here's a list of documents:

1. Form and Blog posts (Teacher and Student Topics with supplements)

2. Student Responses to some posts.

3. Student Collaboration on Tracing the Hero Journey in Epic Poetry

4. Grading Rubric for Student Posts

5. Student Reflections

6. Books Students are Reading  (so far this school year)

7. Successes and Challenges 

8. Forum Simulation, an interactive activity replicating responses to a discussion on Ning.

Additionally, Ami has created a delightful Animoto video showcasing our Ning, and I will present a Prezi tracing our collaborative journey using the archetypal monomyth.

I will also spend a couple of hours working at the Folger Shakespeare Library booth. Stop by and introduce yourself and pick up some goodies from the library. Sign up for Bard Notes and enter to win something fabulous from the Folger. Plan now to apply for TSI 2012, which will be next summer in Washington D.C.

See you at the convention.

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