Friday, April 15, 2011

Out to Run & In to Write--A Little Inspiration from My Neighbors!

I decided to take a break from writing my NBPTS recertification portfolio and went for a short run in my neighborhood. Here are some of my neighbors:
At first my dog ran from them and they from us. I've had students who initially react the same way at the beginning of the year. But when I turned to snap the picture, I had to wait for the neighbors to move away from the fence to get an unobstructed view.
We looked each other in the eye; they posed for the photo, and Puck and I trotted on home. Soon I'll say goodbye to this year's seniors, too. Many of us have gotten closer to one another as the year has progressed, but we'll go our separate ways and, perhaps, pass each other around town occasionally.

My neighbors inspire me as do my students, so having gone out to run, I'm back in to write.

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  1. Love the post and the photos, Glenda! I have some very similar neighbours, maybe cousins?