Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evolving By Blogging

*The following is my first post on August 10, 2010 at my old blogging site.. I changed because I want to enable reader comments, so I've "tumbled" over to Blogger!

Teachers who began their careers in the early 1980’s know what it’s like to teach in a no-tech classroom. Many have evolved their practice in sync with tech developments, but some like me are late-comers to the blog party.

This is not to say that I teach in a no-tech classroom but that blogging intimidates me. Yet if I want students to face their writing fears, so too must I. Choosing tumblr. to host my blog is metaphorical in that the utilitarian function of a tumbler is to shake things up. This year I’m shaking things up in my professional life, and maintaining this blog is one way I’m evolving professionally.

I’m sure I’ll tumble and stumble along the way, but at least I’ll then have blogging topics!

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